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AI Learning Accelerator

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AI is transforming industry and presenting unparalleled challenges and opportunities. Hear expert speakers explain essential AI topics such as machine learning, deep learning, predictive analytics, and many more. Learn the essential skills of tomorrow, today.
Morgane Ciot

Intro to D3

Visualizations are the most important way we can intuitively make sense of our data. And the best way to dig deeper into our data is to make those visualizations interactive. Everyone from the New York Times to Google is using D3.js. Learn why.

Tanya Cashorali

Rapid Prototyping Data Products using R Shiny

Learn the benefits of rapid prototyping using the popular R Shiny platform

David Rose

Dreams for Future Cities: How AI wants to take care of us

A renowned author and MIT Media Lab researcher delivers an electrifying talk on how AI can profoundly impact our lives.

Jeremy Achin

League of Losers Against Innovation and AI

In this hard hitting and witty talk, the CEO of one of AI’s hottest start-ups rails against the forces aligned against implementing AI in the enterprise.

Leen Schafer

The Coexistence of Data Science in a Uni-variate Data-Driven Culture

Elena Terenzi

Using Deep Learning for search-by-example scenarios within large image catalogs

Suraj Bang

Building Data Pipelines for ML

Ben Duffy

Introduction to Reinforcement Learning

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