AI Learning Accelerator
Joel Grus

Using AI to Answer Questions

AI expert, Joel Grus on AI systems that have a deeper understanding of the world and can demonstrate understanding through questioning and answering.

Mariya Yao

The State of Conversational AI

This exceptional talk gives a technical overview & review of current state-of-the-art deep learning & NLP tactics for chatbots and conversational interfaces

Javier Rey

Building an Object Detection Toolkit in Tensorflow

In this talk, we will discuss how state of the art object detection techniques work. Moreover, we will explore an implementation of an open source Python object detection toolkit based on TensorFlow

Scott Lundberg

Interpreting Predictions from Complex Models

With large modern datasets the best accuracy is often achieved by complex models even experts struggle to interpret. Here, we present a unified framework for interpreting predictions, namely SHAP (SHapley Additive exPlanations)

Barton Poulson

Data science for the 99%

Many small companies such as start-ups may never have a data science team. Learn ways in which this neglected majority can benefit from data science.

Jack Hidary

Application of AI and Data Science in the Medical World

Learn how AI is having a profound impact in the medical world

Kaz Sato

Advancing large-scale neural network predictions

Use BigQuery for deep learning to "democratize enterprise data"

Ronald Bodkin

Artificial Intelligence in the Enterprise

Accomplished AI expert Ronald Bodkin explains why AI is so hot, details enterprise use cases, and given you insights on how to get started on your AI journey

Soumith Chintala

Deep Learning using PyTorch

PyTorch is new deep learning framework that enables new-age A.I. research using dynamic computation graphs

Tanya Cashorali

Rapid Prototyping Data Products using R Shiny

Learn the benefits of rapid prototyping using the popular R Shiny platform

Delaney Granizo-Mackenzie

Dealing with Overfitting When Crowdsourcing Financial Alpha

Quantopian is attempting to change Fnancial services by allowing anybody to research and design trading strategies.

Kirill Eremenko

Machine Learning For Beginners

This excellent primer teaches you the difference between AI, machine learning, and deep learning and also the basics of essential models in all three.

Michael Segala

Modern Approaches to Finance

Given the high volume of accurate historical data and the underlying quantitative nature of the industry, the financial sector is well suited for machine learning. Today data science has found many integral roles in the this financial ecosystem

Morgane Ciot

Intro to D3

Visualizations are the most important way we can intuitively make sense of our data. And the best way to dig deeper into our data is to make those visualizations interactive. Everyone from the New York Times to Google is using D3.js. Learn why.

David Rose

Dreams for Future Cities: How AI wants to take care of us

A renowned author and MIT Media Lab researcher delivers an electrifying talk on how AI can profoundly impact our lives.

Jeremy Achin

League of Losers Against Innovation and AI

In this hard hitting and witty talk, the CEO of one of AI’s hottest start-ups rails against the forces aligned against implementing AI in the enterprise.

Professor Thomas Davenport

Four Eras of Analytics and Data Science

ODSC East 2017 Thomas Davenport delivers an excellent overview of the journey from analytics to deep learning.

Professor Neil Lawrence

Three Challenges for Open Data Science

ODSC 2016 Keynote, Professor Niel Laurance gives an exceptional and incredibly insightful talk on the challenges of data science

Ingo Mierswa

From BI to Predictive Analytics: Should You Bring an Umbrella if Rain is Predicted?

Dr. Ingo Mierswa of RapidMiner will cover the value of predictive analytics.

Stepan Pushkarev

DataOps: Machine Learning in Production

Understand how to leverage machine learning techniques to scale data operations effectively in this talk.

Tim Lafferty

Exploratory Analysis - Streamline Your Discovery Phase

In this webinar, we talk about leveraging visualizations to provide maximum value from your discovery phase.

Haim Senior

Personalized A.I. to Fix Information Overload at Work

Understand how personalized messaging, using A.I. at its core, is a more scalable approach to deal with information overload in this talk.

Dr. Avidan Akerib

Associative Based Similarity Search for Few Shot Training

In this webinar, we present an associative computing approach and chip architecture for Few Shot training networks using O (1) similarity search and Top K computing.

Pivotus Ventures

Detecting offensive messages using Deep Learning: A micro-service based approach

You will learn how to build a deep learning based solution and deploy it as a micro-service in this talk.