AI and Data Science for Medical Purposes

Application of AI and Data Science in Medical World

Presented By Jack Hidary
Jack Hidary
Jack Hidary
Quantumagician at Alphabet/Google X labs

Jack Hidary was a fellow in neuroscience at the NIH where he focused on fMRI, other medical imaging and AI. He currently serves as Quantumagician at Alphabet/Google X labs and serves on the board of the X Prize.

Presentation Description

Level: Intermediate

Type: Talk, Data Science

Length: 47:04


In this talk, the speaker Jack Hidary us about the fascinating world of AI and its influence in the medical world by informing us about a range of startups and projects in this area that is enhancing human lives every day.

Learning outcomes:

  • The brain and AI
  • AI based first stage medical treatment
  • Interactivity and ML driving diagnosis
  • Coaching for wellness
  • Immunotherapy
  • ML and AI for cancer diagnosis
  • AI for medical imaging
  • AI for mental health
  • AI for robotic surgery
  • Human - AI synergies

Talk Timeline

00:00 - 13:57: Author and Talk Introduction

  • Neuroscience and AI
  • Startups in the sector (AI and Medical care)
    • Babylon
    • Your.MD
    • MedWhat
    • Baidu
    • Jejuvenan 
    • BenevolentAI - AI for pharma

13:58 - 29:58: Another interesting application

  • Immunotherapy - an effective cure
  • NTPD drugs curing melanoma, lung cancer, and bladder cancer
  • What is NTPD and it's response rate?
  • Other startups
    • Butterfly network
    • Arterys
    • Zebra
    • Enlitic
  • Startups in mental health 
    • sharecare
  • AI and robotic surgery
    • da Vinci

29:59 - 47:04Human - AI synergies

  • The voice + AI revolution
  • Nvidia GPU accelerated deep learning solutions 
  • Deep Genomics
  • Neuralink
  • The story of Neil - sensing colors!
  • AI - an extremely timely technology! 
  • Telepresence avatar technology!!

Presentation Curriculum

Application of AI and Data Science in Medical World
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