WEBINAR: Deployment of Strategic AI in the Enterprise: Crossing the Chasm

Deployment of Strategic AI in the Enterprise: Crossing the Chasm

Presented By Dr. Fernando Núñez Mendoza
Dr. Fernando Núñez Mendoza
Dr. Fernando Núñez Mendoza

Fernando Núñez Mendoza, a serial technology entrepreneur and disruptor, is founder, chief executive officer, and chief technology officer of fonYou, a fast-growing international company born in Barcelona, Spain. fonYou’s mission is to build the mobile carrier of the future powered by AI. Before fonYou, he was a management consulting partner at Accenture and Diamond Cluster International helping global telecommunications, technology, and financial services firms embrace the internet and thrive in the brave new digital world. In his earlier career, Fernando worked for the European Space Agency and lectured and performed research in computer engineering and neural networks.

Fernando holds, MSEE and Ph.D. degrees in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (Spain), was an invited Visiting Scholar at Purdue University and is alumni of Stanford University Graduate School of Business.

Presentation Description

Enterprises that need AI to achieve leadership in their sector or to catch up with leading competitors must overcome enormous obstacles such as unprepared data architecture, scarce data science resources or lack of AI-literate management.
The talk “Deployment of Strategic AI in the Enterprise” in the Accelerate AI track of the ODSC West 2019 conference, will argue that the best way to effectively overcome these obstacles is to choose the most critical parts of the business as those in which AI shall be deployed first. This webinar focuses on one key aspect of the strategic AI deployment approach proposed in the talk:  how organizations can cross the chasm that separates AI awareness from AI readiness.
Instead of launching a broad transformational approach to attain AI readiness, it is much more effective to laser focus on critical aspects of the digital value creation network and launch an agile task-force initiative to improve them with AI. By increasingly choosing more complex and ambitious targets, the AI-ready stage should be finally achieved.

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Deployment of Strategic AI in the Enterprise: Crossing the Chasm
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