Future of Your City: How Will AI Change Your Life?

Dreams for Future Cities: How AI wants to take care of us

Presented By David Rose
David Rose
David Rose
Author, Entrepreneur, and Researcher / Lecturer at MIT Media Lab.

David Rose is an entrepreneur, author of Enchanted Objects, and researcher at the MIT Media Lab. He’s also the CEO at Ditto Labs, an image-recognition platform that scours Instagram and Twitter to find brands and products.
David’s products have been featured at the MoMA, covered in The New York Times, WIRED, The Economist, and parodied on the Colbert Report.

Presentation Description

Overview: The talk explores some of the incredible ways that AI will impact life in future cities from public spaces and home life, to transportation, food, shopping, and play in the near future

Learning outcomes:

  • You will know about use cases of AI in an urban context
  • You will learn about the efforts in designing future cities using big data
  • You will know about efforts around responsive public space

Talk Timeline 


0:00 - 4:25:  Introduction and Overview

  • What is your utopia?
  • Remote utopias
  • Pattern 9: Scattered Work
  • Cityscope
  • What are the characteristics of a futuristic city?


4:25 - 6:06: Mobility Systems

  • How we get around?
  • Persuasive Electric Vehicle

6:06 - 8:55: City Home

  • “Apply transformer tech to apartments”
  • ORI Systems
  • Apps, buttons, voice, or gesture?

8:55 - 10:08: Responsive Public Space

  • “Gamify playgrounds”
  • Responsive light

10:08 - 11:14:  Sharing Economy

  • Collaborative Economy Honeycomb
  • Turo is Uber for rental cars

11:14 - 13:19:  Future of Shopping

  • Computer vision makes photos & video actionable
  • Subjective Neural Nets

13:19  - 14:35: Play

  • 3D printing and augmented reality

14:35  - 16:17: Utilities

  • More efficient use of water and power
  • Ambient orb made users more aware of weather
  • Pervasive = persuasive
  • Ambient Energy Joule

16:17 - 17:02: Food Production

  • Aeroponic Juice
  • SproutsIO users CV to spray right amount of Aeroponic juice on chard

17:02 - 22:51: Workspaces

  • Furniture that facilitates collaboration
  • “Future of the workplace might be mobile”
  • “Imagine a table centerpiece that listens to the room’s conversation and provides visual feedback about the balance of the conversation”
  • Dominating vs balanced tables

Presentation Curriculum

Dreams for Future Cities: How AI wants to take care of us
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