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League of Losers Against Innovation and AI

Presented By Jeremy Achin
Jeremy Achin
Jeremy Achin
CEO, DataRobot

Jeremy Achin, DataRobot’s CEO is a data scientist turned entrepreneur. He’s passionate about helping organizations transform their business with automated machine learning and AI.

Having raised over $110 Million in funding, DataRobot has made a name for itself by cutting through the hype and helping companies deliver on the promise of AI. From its Boston  base, it’s renowned for hiring the best data scientists in the world to  build a platform that makes data science easier and more actionable

Presentation Description


This talk was an ODSC keynote address and takes a few minutes to get to the topic at hand. But In this hard hitting and witty talk, Jeremy Achin, CEO of one of AI’s hottest start-ups rails against the forces aligned against implementing AI in the enterprise. The so called league of losers against innovation and AI. Jeremy shares his “Survival Guide for the Impending Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning / Data Science Arms Race” that will take place between businesses and define who succeeds in the future and amidst the 4th Industrial Revolution. Speaking at ODSC East 2017 in Boston, Jeremy’s presentation touched on the hype levels of each of these different terms that are wrongly used interchangeably, the importance of having a laser focus on measurable impact to earnings when considering such projects, and the barriers to AI innovation at most companies.

Learning outcomes:

  • You will know about the “five villains of data science”
  • You will learn how to discern between hype and results in AI/ML
  • You will learn how to get executives better involved in the data process

Talk Timeline 

0:00 - 6:02: Introduction and Overview

  • DataRobot introduction. 200 Employees around the world
  • AI Headlines in Mainstream News
  • Ratings for most overhyped tool in AI/ML/DS
  • Deep learning is hyped because it’s solving problems that were impossible to solve five years ago.
  • “The New Heavyweight Champion of Hype is Cognitive Computing”
  • Predicted a ML arms-race at previous a ODSC


6:02 - 8:30: Survival Guide for the Impending AI/ML Arms Race

  • Laser focus on measurable impact to earnings
  • Teach everyone in the business to spot opportunities to apply AI/ML to impact earnings.
  • Use every possible avenue to increase bandwidth
  • Deploy higher quality AI/ML than competitors

8:30 - 9:38 Laser Focus on Measurable Impact to Earnings

  • Churn reduction
  • New customers via better targeting
  • Better predictions
  • Automation of manual processes
  • Board will want to know how AI is saving money and growing revenue

9:38 - 11:07:  Teach Everyone in the Business to Spot AI/ML Opportunities

  • Easier than it sounds
  • Start by educating highest level executives.
  • “What is an opportunity for machine learning and what isn’t an opportunity?”

11:07 - 15:09  Increasing Bandwidth for AI/ML

  • The few who can do math and explain become billionaires
  • Story from “Billions” tv show
  • You need expertise and you need communication
  • Force data scientists to work with domain experts
  • Be pragmatic
  • Non-data scientists need to know about the knowledge of the business and business problem
  • Access to data is key

15:09 - 16:04 Quality of the Machine Learning Solution

  • Quality of solutions matters greatly

16:04 - 23:11 Seek and Destroy all Barriers to AI Innovation

  • The biggest barriers are people
  • League of Losers Against Innovation and AI
  • Villain #1: Dogmatic and Arrogant Statistician
  • Villain #2: Sexy and Arrogant Data Scientist
  • Villain #3: Compliance and Regulation “Officer” with Inferiority Complex
  • Villain #4: Lazy but Territorial IT Guy
  • Villain #5: Intuitive Businessman
  • Be an innovation super hero!

Presentation Curriculum

League of Losers Against Innovation and AI
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