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Mapping the Global Supply Chain Graph

Presented By Jason Prentice
Jason Prentice
Jason Prentice
Senior Manager, Data Science at S&P Global Market Intelligence

Jason Prentice leads the data team at Panjiva, where he focuses on developing the fundamental machine learning technologies that power our data collection. Before joining Panjiva as a data scientist, he researched computational neuroscience as a C.V. Starr fellow at Princeton University and earned a Ph.D. in Physics from the University of Pennsylvania.

Presentation Description

Panjiva maps the network of global trade using over one billion shipping records sourced from 15 governments around the world. We perform large-scale entity extraction and entity resolution from this raw data, identifying over 8 million companies involved in international trade, located across every country in the world. Moreover, we track detailed information on the 25 million+ relationships between them, yielding a map of the global trade network with unprecedented scope and granularity. We have developed a powerful platform facilitating search, analysis, and visualization of this network as well as a data feed integrated into S&P Global’s Xpressfeed platform.

We can explore the global supply chain graph at many levels of granularity. At the micro level, we can surface the close relationships around a given company to, for example, identify overseas suppliers shared with a competitor. At the macro level, we can track patterns such as the flow of products among geographic areas or industries. By linking to S&P Global’s financial and corporate data, we can understand how supply chains flow within or between multinational corporate structures and correlate trade volumes and anomalies to financial metrics and events.

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Mapping the Global Supply Chain Graph
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