MEETUP: Building License Plate Recognition System with OpenCV

MEETUP: Building License Plate Recognition System with OpenCV

Presented By Sonal Kukreja
Sonal Kukreja
Sonal Kukreja
Founder & Chief Mentor at

Sonal Kukreja is a Ph.D. Scholar working in copyright protection and authentication of digital images. She had completed her Masters in 2015 and started her Ph.D. in 2016. She is a passionate academician and researcher. She also started her own venture TenByTen ( in 2016. Through this, she collaborates with people of different age groups from different parts of the world, to earn programming and work on different projects. She has been specifically working with kids (6-10 years old) and people above 60, to make them understand current AI and ML world and have successfully completed various projects and research publications.

Presentation Description

License Plate Recognition System is an excellent example of computer vision systems being deployed into our everyday lives. License Plate Recognition systems are used to automatically detect and recognize license plates in images. From there, the identified license
plate can be used to look up information on the owner of the car. This technology is used by police forces around the world for law enforcement purposes to check if a vehicle is registered or licensed. We will be building a computer vision system
to localize, segment, and identify the characters in a license plate. We will accomplish this goal using image processing techniques, followed by a bit of machine learning.

Presentation Curriculum

Building License Plate Recognition System with OpenCV
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