MEETUP: Introduction to Computer vision and CNN

MEETUP: Introduction to Computer vision and CNN

Presented By Shafique Khan
Shafique Khan
Shafique Khan
Assistant System Engineer | Tata Consultancy Services

Shafique is currently working on computer vision (open source). Previously he explored and worked on IBM Watson platform, data science, deep learning, machine learning, python, R, node.js. Along with these, he explored different API, services and different cloud platforms.

Presentation Description

Computer vision’s potential is suddenly clear across a broad swath of industries, making it one of the fastest-growing trends. It has quickly gone from niche to mainstream in the past few years.

In a vision, CNN is playing an important role as CNN can learn location invariant features automatically by leveraging a network architecture that learns image features, as opposed to having them hand-engineered (as in traditional engineering).

In this session, we will learn about computer vision basics with its traditional algorithms to create basic drawings in an image. We will learn how to use OpenCV to rotate an image by different angles also we will learn about the basics of CNN, how CNN works, different available CNN architectures. we will learn how to detect different objects using imageAI library.

Presentation Curriculum

Introduction to Computer vision and CNN
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