MEETUP: Let the AI be our slave!

MEETUP: Let the AI be our slave!

Presented By Seckin Tataroglu
Seckin Tataroglu
Seckin Tataroglu

Seckin is a freelance data scientist in London. Recently worked on an LSTM neural network for acoustic wave processing in the petroleum sector. Previously he worked as a trader in Turkey and involved technology-related fields in the finance sector such as HFT (High-Frequency Trading), algorithmic trading, automated option management, etc. Seckin has a multidisciplinary educational background in Economics (Marmara University, BA - Turkey) and Data Science (University of Leicester, MSc – UK).

Presentation Description

Nowadays people are divided into two groups. The ones defence the AI technology is the biggest threat for the future of humankind. And the others, the AI is the biggest opportunity of the humankind to improve itself. Let’s leave the terminator conspiracy theories aside and focus on how AI will help humankind in the future.
The talk will cover how neural networks help businesses in different aspects such as start-up contributions, finance individually as well as relocating labor-power to the fields that require more creativity. We'll change our perception of the AI technology by making it our slave, not the master.
Also, a neural network created by Seckin will be introduced and the business contribution will be explained in detail. LSTM architecture will be examined and how deep a neural network can learn will be explained as well as how an AI is effective on operational workloads where humankind should not waste his time. The network has the capability of an experienced analyst in the petroleum sector which can predict the underground structure over acoustic soundwaves.

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Let the AI be our slave!
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