MEETUP: Time series prediction using Machine Learning

MEETUP: Time series prediction using Machine Learning

Presented By Taka Nakano
Taka Nakano
Taka Nakano
Data Scientist at DataRobot Japan

The second data scientist at DataRobot Japan. He majored in quantum information theory as a master and doctoral student at universities in the UK and Canada. He has extensive experience in time series models, such as marketing and demand forecasting for major apparel companies and mail order companies. Cooperation with marketing technology, event lectures/interviews, etc.

2015-2017: Data Scientist @ Criteo-Data Science & Analytics Team Lead

2017-: Lead Data Scientist @ DataRobot, Inc.-Leading the retail and distribution industry

Presentation Description

In recent years, machine learning models are often used in time series prediction. At Kaggle, competitions such as “ASHRAE-Great Energy Predictor III” and “Recruit Restaurant Visitor Forecasting” were among the top players in the XGB category. In this session, we will summarize the points of performing time series prediction using machine learning, such as partitioning, feature engineering and modeling.

Presentation Curriculum

Time series prediction using Machine Learning
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