Accelerate Artificial Intelligence Warmup - ODSC East 2019

ODSC East'19 Ignite Accelerate AI Webinar Warmup

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ODSC East'19
ODSC East'19

Presentation Description

This event will feature four 10-minutes sessions presented by our distinguished speakers listed below. These presentations will give attendees a preview of what can be expected at ODSC East Accelerate AI Business Summit. This four-day conference will feature over 50+ business sessions to choose from and 500+ business delegates.

We are bringing speakers from our upcoming ODSC East conference in Boston to present 10 minutes sessions, including: 

- Conor Jensen, Customer Success Team Lead, Dataiku: Building and Managing World-Class Data Science Teams (Easier Said Than Done)

- Adam Jenkins, Ph.D., Data Science Lead, Biogen: Integrating Data Science into Commercial Pharma: The Good, The Bad, and The Validated

- Jennifer Kloke, Ph.D., VP of Product innovation, Ayasdi: AI and Value-Based Care: Reducing Costs and Enhancing Patient Outcomes

- Hillary Green-Lerman, Senior Curriculum Lead, DataCamp: Building an Analytics Team

Presentation Curriculum

ODSC East'19 Ignite Accelerate AI Webinar Warmup
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