ODSC East 2019 Warm Up - AI for Engineers

ODSC East 2019 Warm-Up: AI for Engineers

Presented By ODSC East'19
ODSC East'19
ODSC East'19

Presentation Description

This event will feature four 30-minutes tutorials presented by our distinguished speakers listed below. These sessions will highlight some of the most integral topics, tools, and languages in AI for Engineers and give attendees a preview of what can be expected at ODSC East, Boston's largest applied data science conference. 

We are bringing 4 speakers from our upcoming ODSC East conference in Boston to present 30 minutes sessions including:

Daniel Gerlanc, President, Enplus Advisors Inc.: Programming with Data: Python and Pandas

Scott Haines, Principal Software Engineer, Twilio: Real-ish Time Predictive Analytics with Spark Structured Streaming

Leonardo De Marchi, Head of Data Science and Analytics, Badoo: Modern and Old Reinforcement Learning

Sourav Dey, PhD, CTO and Alex NG, PhD, Senior Data Engineer, Manifold (co-presenters): Reproducible Data Science Using Orbyter