ODSC East 2019 Warm Up: ML & DL

ODSC East 2019 Warm-Up: Machine Learning and Deep Learning

Presented By ODSC East'19
ODSC East'19
ODSC East'19

Presentation Description

This event featured four 30 minutes tutorials presented by our distinguished speakers listed below. These sessions highlighted some of the most integral topics, tools, and languages in Deep Learning and Machine Learning and gave attendees a preview of what can be expected at ODSC East, Boston's largest applied data science conference. 

Dr.Kirk Borne, Principal Data Scientist: Becoming The Complete Data Scientist with Data Literacy and Data Storytelling

Andreas Mueller, Ph.D., Author, Lecturer, Core Contributor of scikit-learn: Introduction to Machine Learning 

Francesco Mosconi, Ph.D. in Physics and CEO & Chief Data Scientist at Catalit Data Science: Tensorflow 2.0 and Keras: what's new, what's shared, what's different

Douglas Blank, Senior Software Engineer at Comet.ML: Easy Visualizations for Deep Learning