Open Data Science Conference - East 2019 (Boston, USA)

Open Data Science Conference - East 2019 (Boston, USA)

Training & Talk Videos | Presented By ODSC East 2019
ODSC East 2019
ODSC East 2019
Over 48 hours of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence Videos

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The Open Data Science Conference has established itself as the leading conference in the field of applied data science. Each ODSC event offers a unique opportunity to learn directly from the core contributors, experts, academics, and renowned instructors helping shape the field of data science and artificial intelligence

Presentations cover not only data science modeling, but also the languages like R and Python, tools like TensorFlow and RAPIDs, and exploring new updates and methods for Deep Neural Networks, Adversarial Attacks, and more. Below are also talks related to implementation and data science strategy meant for the curious business decision-maker.

Our conferences are organized around focus areas to ensure our attendees are at the forefront of this fast-emerging field and current with the latest data science languages, tools, and models.

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Presentation Curriculum

Accelerate AI Summit (Cross Industry)
AI for Good: Bad Guys, Messy Data, & NLP - Christopher Mack
Data Art: Seeing the Future - Jane Adams
Expanding Nonprofit Workforce with Deep Learning - Richard Palmer, David Woodruff
Machine Learned Ranking for LegalTech - Carl Hoffman, Dr. Brian Carrier
Leading Data Science Teams: A Framework to Help Guide Data Science Project Managers - Dr. Jeffrey Saltz
Building an Analytics Team - Hillary Green-Lerman
Data Science + Design Thinking: A Perfect Blend to Achieve the Best User Experience - Michael Radwin
Understanding Artificial Intelligence Results to Increase their Value & Avoid Pitfalls - Dr. Linda Zeger
Data Science for Risk Mitigation in a Global Economy - Prabhu Sadasivam
Thirty Minutes to Answers: Data Science's Great Compression and It's Next Frontier - Benn Stancil
What to Expect When You Are Putting A.I. in Production - Dr. David Talby
Adopting A Machine Learning Mindset: How To Discover, Develop, And Deliver Automation Solutions Company-Wide - Dr. Marsal Gavalda
Artificial Intelligence In Business Gets Real - Dr. Sam Ransbotham
Automated Detection of Street-Level Product Displays - Isha Chaturvedi
Big Data And Mobility Analytics: What Can We Learn From The Way Things (And Humans) Move - Dr. Anturo Amador
Building an Effective Data Science Project Portfolio for your Business - Kerstin Frailey
DeepOps: Building an AI First Company - Yuval Greenfield
Democratizing Artificial Intelligence In A Business Context - Olivier Blais
How Keyence Uses AI To Answer Everyday Business Questions - Brian Neely
Improving Data Quality for Superior Results - Kaitlin Andryauskas
More Women In Data Science: Creating The Pipeline - Bobbie Carlton
Recent Advances In Machine Learning With Applications To Internet Of Things - Adam McElhinney
Winning the AI talent race - Gautam Tambay
Building an "Automation-First Data Science Team" - Dr. Greg Michaelson
Predictive Analytics For Wealth Management And Beyond - Meina Zhou
Accelerate AI Development with Transfer Learning - Anjali Shah & Steve Ginger
Natural Language Processing: Deciphering The Message Within The Message – Stock Selection Insights Using Corporate Earnings Calls - Frank Azhao
Artificial Intelligence To Revolutionize Child Behavioral Diagnostics and Therapeutics - Halim Abbas
AI in Medicine: Avoiding Hype and False Conclusions - Michael Zalis
Major Applications of AI in Healthcare - Alex Ermolaev
Integrating Data Science Into Commercial Pharma: The Good, The Bad, And The Validated - Dr. Adam Jenkins