Learn to Quickly Create Quantile Regression (QR) Workflows

Quantile Regression Workflows

Presented By Anton Antonov
Anton Antonov
Anton Antonov
Senior Research Scientist at Accendo Data, LLC

Anton is an applied mathematician (Ph.D.) with 28+ years of experience in algorithm development, scientific computing, mathematical modeling, natural language processing, combinatorial optimization, research and development programming, machine learning, and data mining. 

In the last ten years, he focused on developing machine learning algorithms and workflows for different industries (music, movies, points of interests, recruiting, healthcare.) Currently, he is working on machine learning and data science applications to manufacturing (Industry 4.0.) 

Anton is a former kernel developer of Mathematica.

Presentation Description

The goals of this workshop are to introduce the theoretical background of Quantile Regression (QR), to demonstrate QR's practical (and superior) abilities to deal with "real life" time series data and to teach how to rapidly create QR workflows using R.

Presentation Curriculum

Quantile Regression Workflows
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