How To Answer Question Using AI and Data Science?

Using AI to Answer Questions

Presented By Joel Grus
Joel Grus
Joel Grus
Research Engineer at Allen Institute for Artifical Intelligence

Joel Grus is a research engineer at the Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence and the author of the bestselling O’Reilly book Data Science from Scratch: First Principles with Python. Previously he was a software engineer at Google and a data scientist at a variety of startups. He lives in Seattle, where he organizes various Data Science Happy Hours.

Presentation Description


This talk walks us through the works of Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence and tells us about some of its projects. The main focus was on an AI based question answering system named Aristo and it's open source version Aristo-mini which utilizes various NLP and deep learning approach to answering science questions. In the talk, the presenter talks about the corpus being used to train and various sample Python codes used to build the system using NLP and Deep Learning approach.

Learning outcomes:

  • The mission and projects of the  Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence
  • Question answering with Aristo-mini with different solver solutions and code samples

Talk Timeline 

01:30 - 07:21About Allen Institute

07:22 - 11:40 Aristo-mini

11:41 - 28:44 How do I answer a question?

Presentation Curriculum

Using AI to Answer Questions
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