WEBINAR: Human Machine Learning

WEBINAR: Human Machine Learning

Presented By ODSC West

Matt Cowell, CEO | QuantHub

Matt serves as the CEO at QuantHub, spearheading the drive to help companies overcome the extreme analytics talent shortage and build exceptional data science and engineering teams. Matt has a passion for developing authentic relationships with customers to truly understand what drives them, and then crafting creative solutions to their most critical problems. Prior to joining QuantHub, Matt spent the last 15 years running product and tech at PE-backed companies, including building a product and engineering organization at Daxko to deliver 10x revenue growth, 7 acquisitions, and 3 enormously successful recapitalizations in just 10 years. While at Daxko, Matt led the team to deliver the first machine learning/AI solution to the market, predicting customer membership churn and also propensity to donate. 

Nathan Black, Chief Data Scientist | QuantHub

Nathan Black is a Data Science Professional and AI Researcher with over 5 years of experience leading and working alongside quant teams to develop cutting-edge, end-to-end data solutions in manufacturing, healthcare, food retail, finance, and education industries. Nathan has a proven track record of using data to help people thrive, assisting organizations in capturing value from data and technology through the deployment of BI, Prescriptive Modeling, and Artificial Intelligence applications.

Presentation Description

Could we, as humans, improve the way we learn by applying techniques machines use to learn? From early in the field of AI, researchers have been looking to cognitive psychology for inspiration on how to teach machines to learn. The effectiveness of this approach is evidenced by recent advances in, and growing prevalence of, deep learning. However, we’ve reached a point where machine learning methodologies are deviating from the way humans learn and gaining impressive efficiencies as a result. For humans, this issue is amplified by current findings in cognitive psychology which strongly suggests that many of our long-standing learning methods have been largely misguided. In this webinar, we explore the challenges with common studying practices, contrasting those with methods that machines successfully use to learn, and drawing parallels to recent cognitive psychology research.

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Human Machine Learning
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