WEBINAR: Introduction to Deep Learning Models for Computer Vision

WEBINAR: Introduction to Deep Learning Models for Computer Vision

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Haidar Altaie, Data Scientist | SAS

Haidar Altaie is a Data Scientist at SAS UK&I. He joined SAS in September 2018 after graduating with a Mathematics and Statistics degree, and is now passionate to integrate Advanced Analytics, Machine Learning, Forecasting and Computer Vision techniques across various industries to enable customer to solve complex real life problem.

Spiros Potamitis, Data Scientist | SAS

Spiros Potamitis, Data Scientist at SAS, leading software and services provider in advanced analytics. Having acquired an MSc in Information Management from the University of Manchester, Spiros is specialising in the application and implementation of analytics to drive business outcomes. Prior of joining SAS, Spiros has acquired a wealth of predictive modelling experience while working in advanced analytics positions in Credit Risk, Customer Insights and CRM.

Presentation Description

In this Webinar, we will discuss the application of DL models using DLPy focusing on Computer Vision. DLPy is a high-level Python API designed to provide an efficient way to apply Deep Learning functionalities using friendly Keras-like APIs to solve Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, Forecasting, and Speech Processing problems. We explain how DLPy can be applied to data preparation, data processing, model building, assessment and deployment.

This is a preview of our more in-depth presentation, specifically focused around Multi-Task Deep Learning For Image Tagging, during ODSC Europe in London in November 2019.

Presentation Curriculum

Introduction to Deep Learning Models for Computer Vision
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