WEBINAR: Telling Human Stories With Data

WEBINAR: Telling Human Stories With Data

Presented By Alan Rutter
Alan Rutter
Alan Rutter
Founder | Fire Plus Algebra

Alan Rutter is the founder of consultancy Fire Plus Algebra, and is a specialist in communicating complex subjects through data visualisation, writing and design. He has worked as a journalist, product owner and trainer for brands and organisations including Guardian Masterclasses, WIRED, Time Out,the Home Office, the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council and Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine. 

Presentation Description

Robust data analysis underpins every business decision, public sector project and non-profit initiative. But data in its raw form often fails to convince crucial lay audiences – either due to its complexity, or due to suspicion and mistrust. And you can’t help guide the world in the right direction if you alienate key decision-makers or the public.

This talk, delivered by journalist and data visualization specialist Alan Rutter, will cover an audience-centered approach to visualizing data. It will introduce tried-and-tested techniques for communicating data-driven stories effectively to people from a broad range of backgrounds, and deal with some of the common problems that practitioners encounter.

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Telling Human Stories With Data
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